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Fate brings two people together but it is love that holds them together. The show follows the story of Tulsi, a naive 22 year old girl but with a childlike approach towards life after a misfortunate accident in her childhood. She is left brimming with energy and enthusiasm like that of a little girl and an innocence that is her biggest strength. Tulsi is the elder daughter of Raghavbapa. However, Raghav and his friend Digvijay had fixed their children Tulsi and Abhijit's marriage when they were just born. But after Tulsi's accident, Raghav feels guilty and doesn't want Tulsi to go in front of Digvijay. Moreover, Digvijay's son Abhijit is in love with Payal Roy, a psychiatrist. Abhijit's grandfather "Dada", a renowned astrologer, predicts that Abhijit has two marriages in his life because his first wife is destined to die after marriage. Abhijit marries Tulsi so that he can save Payal and marry her after Tulsi's death.

But is this what fate has in store for Tulsi? To know more, watch Shukra Mangal Premni Vaat, Aema Niyatino Haath

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